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Battery operated emergency LED bulb with ultra efficient light source which saves energy up to 80%. It comes up with a battery backup up of up to 5 hours.

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Battery Operated Emergency LED Bulb

Are you afraid of the dark and do not have sufficient power backups at home? Jaquar Lighting is here with a solution for you to get rid of all your fears of power cuts with their battery-operated emergency LED bulbs with extra efficient light sources. These bulbs are designed to make your life easy. It is the right light for all of your family’s needs. Experience continuous lighting which is not heavy on the pockets either with Jaquar Lighting’s Kriza emergency light bulb. It is extremely energy efficient as it saves up to 80% of energy and comes with a battery backup of up to 5 hours, so you won’t have to worry about your emergency light running out ever.
A light that doesn't cause discomfort to the eyes, is low on power consumption, gives high efficiency and even light distribution, what could be better than that? A 6-month warranty on the battery and a one year warranty on the product! So if you ever feel even the slightest of doubt, you can pop by the store, and we will rectify it for you!
So whenever there is a power outage, why fear when Kriza is here!

Smart Inverter bulb

Have you ever experienced those long days and nights without any power at your home during those hot summer days? Power Cuts can be a hassle for all, especially if you are afraid of the dark! Hence, Jaquar Lighting is here with a solution for all your light-related problems. Jaquar Lighting brings to you a rechargeable light bulb for all your needs that won’t go out during those long power cuts. Think of it as your regular light bulb but only better as it fits all types of sockets in your home to save you during emergencies and never gives up on you. With a wide beam of lighting and a 5 hour backup time, a rechargeable light bulb or battery bulb allows you to finish all your activities on time without worrying about power cuts! So, now you can put your focus on your daily life rather than worrying about the backup in case of a power outage.
It is made of exceptionally high quality, is sure to serve numerous purposes and is helpful during all situations and settings, be it a camping trip, a hectic night before a major final exam or a party at home.
It is absolutely easy to install and serves you with excellent performance at all times.