Which light bulb emits more heat?

  • Filament Bulb: Electric current heats a metal filament within halogen and incandescent light bulbs, producing light. Only 10% of the energy creates light; the remaining 90% is converted to heat. This holds true regardless of whether the bulb is made of clear or coloured glass.
  • Fluorescent Bulb: When a compact fluorescent light bulb is turned on, the gas inside produces light. 30% percent of the energy is utilized to create light, and the remaining 70% is used to generate heat. This is true regardless of whether the glass is clear or tinted.
  • LED Bulb: When electrons flow through semiconductor material, LEDs produce light. LEDs produce very little heat and are incredibly cool to the touch. LEDs come in a variety of colours, but they all produce the same amount of heat.
  • Coloured Bulbs: Regardless of the bulb’s colour, the same amount of heat is produced to produce the light. Any coloured incandescent bulb will emit the most heat because it is the least efficient.