Which is better, led bulb or led tube?

  • LED bulbs are small and light. The size of a tube light or a fluorescent bulb is relatively large. The average LED bulb lasts 60000 hours. The life expectancy of a tube light is ten thousand hours. Compared to LED bulbs, this is six times less.
  • Compared to tube lights, LED Bulbs use five times less energy to provide the same level of illumination. The tube light consumes energy five times compared to LED bulbs.
  • LED bulbs are ideal for directional lighting applications such as flashlights and desk lamps. LEDs are also used in vehicle headlights and status lights in electrical equipment. Full-size tubes are appropriate for vast places like warehouses where focused light isn’t required.
  • The efficiency of LED lights is very high. In comparison to ordinary incandescent bulbs, tube lighting has high efficiency. However, compared to LED bulbs, it is less efficient and makes it clear that LED bulbs are more efficient than tube light, and you can get yourself some of the best-LED bulbs from Jaquar.