What are the best light bulbs for enclosures?

Please make sure the LED bulbs you purchase come with all the parts you’ll need to install them quickly & efficiently.

  • The latest LED enclosure lamps come with a variety of mounting options. You’ll also want to ensure that they won’t get in the way of routine maintenance once the lamps are in place. As a result, use lamps with a tiny footprint if at all possible.
  • You would like to connect and power many bulbs in series in most circumstances. Check whether you can join as many bulbs as you need across various enclosures and control them all together.
  • Some lights, for example, come with all of the components needed for numerous mounting options, but other brands may consider these to be optional & extras. In addition, some lamps can be controlled by a presence detector, which eliminates the need for a door switch and saves both time and money.