How to create good lighting for my home office?

When working in a home office, the lighting quality in your workstation can increase your productivity levels. Poor office lighting reduces your energy level and causes a toll on mood and eyesight, which ultimately impair your ability to work effectively. Here are some ways through which you can enhance the lighting of your home office. 

  • Add task lighting

Add a desk lamp for computer work, paperwork, and other focus-intensive tasks, to add direct lighting. It can put light exactly where you need it and support a variety of tasks. 

  • Use natural light as much as possible. 

There are many added benefits to natural light coming from a window, skylight, or another portal. Position your work desk in a way that is close to a natural light source.  

  • Add decorative office lighting.

When planning the lighting of your home office, try adding ambient lighting that will set the mood right. Also, add some decorative and accent lighting to help improve the visual character of your home office.

What is the best lighting for a living room?

Lighting is one element that sets the mood straight for a living room. There are endless options for the best lighting for your living room. Here are some suggestions. 

  • Add a mini pendant

It works the best if you have a small niche in your living room, and you can transform that area into something different by adding a mini pendant light. They illuminate the area without taking up floor space.

  • Add a funky lamp 

Adding a funky yet colorful lampshade in your living room can be the cherry on top. Along with adding that extra light, it also adds a pop of vibrant colors. 

  • Add a multi-tiered pendant light. 

They make the room go glam in seconds. Add minimal brass accents and eye-catching metallic lighting to make the room special.  

  • Add a chandelier

A modern chandelier that contrasts with the element of the living room is a great addition when it comes to illuminating the room. Along with a chandelier, you can add some table lamps to add some extra task lighting.

  • Look for recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting, when you’re in your living room’s ceiling, is sure to brighten up your space. It adds charm without overpowering the space.

What is the best lighting for a room painted white?

If you have a room painted white, there is so much that you can do to add elegance and charm to that room. Lighting this room can be the easiest and also the trickiest part. 

If you have a white room, keep in mind to go with low lighting options. They make the room look bigger and much more elegant. 

Another lighting option is to use pendant lights which are hanging from the ceiling. They create a perfect vibe. When a greyish pendant light is used against the white walls trust me it just looks amazing.

You can also use chandeliers in a room with white walls. Choose the ones which have a metallic holder and a soothing white bulb.

What is the best lighting for a bedroom?

The lighting of your bedroom can make or break a bedroom decorating scheme. You can create a gorgeous color palette, fill the room with lovely accessories, but a poorly selected light fixture can ruin the entire effect. The bedroom is a place to relax, so keep in mind that your lighting scheme reflects that. Here are some tips for the best bedroom lighting ideas. 

  • Add wall-hung bedside lights.

These lights save you space and cast a cozy glow over the bed at nighttime, providing just enough light to relax. 

  • Add a table lamp 

Adding a striking lampshade will add light along with dimension to your bedroom. 

  • Add LED lights

You can add LED spotlights around your vanity mirror or a significant wall. It will be just suitable for grooming, along with adding a minimal lighting effect. 

  • Add wall-mounted lights 

Adding wall-mounted or ceiling-hung bedroom lighting is an excellent addition as it leaves you with a lot of space to use for furniture, as well as access to the bed, drawers, and cupboards.

  • Add pendant lights

Use a combination of pendant lamps to add a rustic tone to your bedroom. A big overhead light will illuminate the whole room while adding two smaller matching pendant lights hung at eye level will add much more brightness.  

  • Add a chandelier

If your bedroom allows, add a chandelier. It is sure to add undeniable glamour, drama, and elegance to a room. 

  • Add recessed lighting 

Adding downlights or recessed lights work great when combined with other ceiling fixtures. They work best at any height ceiling and give the illusion that a low ceiling is higher.

What are the best bathroom lighting ideas?

Finding the proper lighting in your bathroom is very important. It makes morning and evening routines better, and it also sets the mood. Here are a few ways by which you can make your dark bathroom bright instantly. 

  • Chandelier 

A chandelier, when added over a bathtub, can look beautiful. They can also act as task lights if you mold them to provide overhead lighting in the right place. 

  • Sconce 

When secured to walls, sconces are a great addition to your bathroom because they solve the dual purpose of adding functionality and beauty. 

  • Flush-mount 

These are the types of lights mounted on the ceiling instead of hanging down like a chandelier. When added, they add an outstanding balance between the hidden recessed lights and the decorative lights. 

  • Recessed 

This lighting works the best in your bathroom as the bathroom is a wet zone that tends to splash fixtures. They are enclosed and built to keep the water out. Recessed are fixed into the ceilings to cast the light down from overhead.

  • LED

Using the least amount of energy, they are now widely used in bathrooms. Always choose bulbs within the 4000K to 6500K color temperature range which will mimic super bright white daylight. LED also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from globes to flame-tipped and to classic bulbs. 

  • Mood Lighting for Ambience

Mood lighting can, in a click, add atmosphere to your bathroom space. Mood lighting is often done using yellow or warm lights, which is soft and flattering and works wonders for your mood. 

  • Pendant Lights 

In your bathroom, add some pendant lights. They add beauty and drama to your bathroom, making it bright.

How to plan factory lighting?

Lighting a factory is a big task. When planning the lights of a factory, a few things should be considered beforehand, which includes the brightness required, size of the space, energy consumption and the quality of the lighting. A well-lit factory also improves the work atmosphere as compared to a poorly lit area.

  • Use natural light

Sun is the most amazing source of light, so use it as much as possible. If you can use this natural light source, you would not need many lighting fixtures during the day. 

  • Invest in shatterproof fixtures

Shatterproof lighting fixtures are a great choice, depending on what type of factory you have. If you are working with high heat temperatures, gases, or other sensitive elements in your factory, a shatterproof light fixture will go a long way. With shatterproof bulbs and fixtures, you eliminate this problem in one go. 

  • Choose high bays

When choosing your factor lighting, keep in mind the height of your factory ceiling. Most factories have high ceilings. Due to this high bay, a high performing fixture is required, ensuring good light power and spread in the area. High bay lights come in a lot of designs and types.

  • Select vapour tight and waterproof fixtures 

A waterproof and vapour tight fixture for your factory is an excellent investment for your lighting plan. These are sure to last longer, which is essential in your factory as you would not want productivity to be disrupted by such matters as a broken overhead light.

  • Consider LED

Usually, metal halide has been the standard in factory lighting, but LED is catching up its pace. LEDs are more long-lasting, efficient, and has a lower heat output than metal halide fixtures. LED’s are also said to save money along with having a longer lamp lifespan.

  • Fixture spacing

Position your light fixtures in a way that gives you the maximum benefit for both lighting and cost-efficiency. Use the lights as required to provide adequate and uniform lighting for your entire factory.