Are window light and downlight the same?

Window light and downlight are not the same. Window lights are equipped with advanced anti-glare technology, ensuring that there is no light leakage inside the window and allowing us to achieve the desired effect. They come in 180°C and 360°C beam configurations in a number of color temperatures, and they’re fully compatible with advanced control protocols like DMX512, RDM, and DALI. Downlight is fixed to a wall or ceiling and can offer several light beams, allowing you to concentrate the light in a downward direction.

What are the color options available in window lights?

  • The most common color is NW (neutral white), Which has a 4000K value. In nature, this color corresponds to the early morning and late afternoon. The most common of all hues. This temperature is balanced, and it has no impact on us.
  • Warm white (WW) has a color temperature of 2700-3000K. The color spectrum is similar to that of a typical light bulb. The nature of this temperature encourages us to sleep. But, on the other hand, it induces a mood of calm in us.
  • The color 5000 kelvin is a lovely white with a subtle yellow hue. However, the majority of people who chose this color are looking for a more natural white light that is less harsh on the eyes.