Where can trunking lights be used?

Because of their adaptability in photometric distribution on horizontal and vertical illuminance levels, led trunk lights are designed for optimum performance in a wide range of applications. They can be used as stand-alone fixtures or seamlessly combined to create a continuous linear run. Modern linear lighting systems may be used to illuminate virtually any commercial structure or low-bay industrial space.

Are trunking lights easy to install?

Led trunk light is self-contained pre-wired trunking and LED lighting solution that provides unrivaled lighting arrangement and scheme design freedom. It’s a versatile and efficient continuous-row lighting system that provides intelligent solutions for any lighting need, from LED light lines to emergency lights, and it’s an ideal substitute for classic linear and fluorescent tubes on the market. The installation process of flow-led trunk light is very simple and completely tool-free.

Will trunking lights get rusty over time?

The entire system of trunking lights is made up of aluminum and PMMA. Since Aluminium alloys don’t contain iron, they can’t get rusty. Aluminum oxide is made up of linked aluminum and oxygen atoms. As a result, when the outer layer of aluminum oxide becomes hydrated or wet, its structure changes just enough to become chemically inert, rendering it incapable of rapidly reacting with more water molecules or air oxygen. Aluminum oxide metal resists corrosion due to this change in molecular structure.