Handrail vs. Guardrail light? Which is better?

Guardrail lights are used to draw attention to a boundary feature and can be utilised to prohibit or dissuade access to dangerous or off-limits areas while providing more light and visibility than a fence. In horizontal railings, they occur in a variety of shapes, including flat, rounded edge, and tubular. They are used in Parks, garden railings and homes. Handrail lighting, on the other hand, Handrail lighting is widely used to emphasise handrails that are utilised to avoid damaging falls while ascending or descending stairways and escalators. Handrails are often supported by balusters or affixed to the wall in these lights. Since they both perform different functions, they can’t be compared.

How do I get the wire from under the deck to the top of a wood post?

Determine where your connections will be before drilling into the post. You can use a coat hanger or a fibreglass wire pull rod, which can be obtained at any home supply store. The screws in the railing bracket should be removed. This will loosen up the sleeve, making access to the wire much more accessible. Make a mark where you’re going to drill the hole. Keep in mind that the wire exits the bottom of the handrail lighting fixtures when selecting how high or low you want your fixture to be mounted on the post. Using a 1/2-inch machine bit, drill a wire entrance hole on the post’s face. This hole will be covered once the handrail lighting system is in place.