Can flexible wall washers be used for indoor applications?

These versatile, flexible wall washer lights offer maximum flexibility and help designers and architects overcome the obstacles given by standard luminaires in various applications. It’s the ideal choice for uneven floors while providing excellent performance. They may be used everywhere and look fantastic when integrated into aluminum profiles with power and mounting components to create uniform lighting.

How to maintain flexible wall washers?

These lights are sold as a set, which includes both the optical unit and the power supply to reduce the installation footprint on the façade, the power supply can also be installed remotely in a central cabinet. Light diffusers come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be placed or exchanged on-site for optimum versatility and don’t require much maintenance

How to install a flexible wall washer?

You can install a flexible wall washer where you need (as long as the wall is smooth) and just secure it with a strong adhesive. Remove the stainless steel mounting clips from the wall washer and screws from the packaging box and install them with a screwdriver where necessary. Remove the light from the box, insert it into the clips, and fasten it. Connect the low-voltage driver to the product and turn it on.

What housing material is used in flexible wall washers?

The body of flexible wall washers are made using aluminum die-cast in sandblasted grey, black, and silver powder coat finishes. The fixtures are free from corrosion with adjustable clamps and accessories. Flexible wall washer solutions are created to provide maximum flexibility and assist designers and architects in overcoming obstacles faced by standard luminaires in various projects.

Where are the flexible wall washers used?

Flexible wall washers are the ones that can be bent by hand on-site and adjusted in both axial and vertical directions. They can be used in a range of outdoor architectural lighting applications such as building facade lighting, wall-grazing, landscape lighting, and more. Individual LED lighting modules in the flexible wall washer can revolve around the system’s axis and joints, allowing the system to bend to match building profiles and architectural elements.