Are they customizable?

Finding the ideal light fixture can take a long time. You may need to take matters into your own hands and create a custom chandelier appropriate for your home. Jaguar makes your search more accessible by providing everything you need to select the proper fixture, as well as virtually limitless color combinations and configurations.

How to choose the right style of the chandelier?

  • The chandelier is the most fantastic alternative for enhancing your room’s décor and adding style. Jaguar has a plethora of chandeliers varying in patterns and sizes to choose format. However, before you go out and buy a chandelier, there are a few things to consider.
  • Measure the dimensions of your room and choose a chandelier that is the perfect size for your space and looks great. You may use chandeliers in your lobby, drawing rooms, as well as little ones in your bathroom to add a different aesthetic to your space. Hence, it is essential to look out for a perfect size chandelier that goes well with your area.
  • Select a design that is appropriate for your space or the location where it will be installed. At Jaquar, You can pick from hundreds of different patterns, ranging from Meridian to Cerina.
  • Along with designs, shapes, sizes, and patterns, it is essential to look for products that come with a warranty so that you can get them fixed if there are any problems. Jaquar Chandeliers are good at their quality and come with warranties so that our customers can have them set in their spaces without any worries.

What shades are used for chandeliers?

A lampshade is now included or required with almost every lamp. The light from the lightbulb is dispersed over the room, softened, and shielded from your eyes by these fixtures. They also function as a form of decoration. They can bring new flair, texture, and color to the chandelier by buffering and directing light in the same way. Chandeliers with shades are a terrific, low-cost method to bring atmosphere and decoration to your dining area, living room, or bedroom, as well as provide eye protection.