How to maintain a Tiered Candle Chandelier?

  • Dust your chandelier every two to three months using a feather or lamb’s wool duster along with a deep cleaning process once a year.
  • Ammonia-based cleaners can damage the gold- or silver-plated hooks that keep the crystal prisms in place, removing the shine.
  • To reach each piece of the chandelier, never spin it. This could cause the fixture’s supports to loosen, causing it to topple. Instead, as you clean, move your ladder around.
  • Replace the light bulbs while you’re at it, especially if the chandelier is challenging to reach.

Types of Tiered Candle Chandeliers

  • Candle chandelier- A typical chandelier with candlestick-shaped lamps that may have five or more arms.
  • Candle with shades- Each arm has a slight shade, similar to the candle chandelier.
  • Glass- They are constructed of glass and can come with or without arms.
  • Crystal- The style is made with dangling crystal prisms and is quite attractive. They are available in a variety of styles, ranging from romantic to contemporary.
  • Beaded- Wood, glass, or shell strands are used to create this chandelier.

What are Tiered Candle Chandeliers Used for?

Perfect for those with a penchant for adorning their houses with a multi-tiered candle chandelier. These chandeliers instantly enrich your decor by adding gorgeous and exquisite lighting to your homes. With its stunning and vivid design and lighting, the string of beads attached to these jhoomar lights lavishly presences your room. This is the perfect selection for you if you enjoy candlelight meals or parties and miss the good old days. This is the ideal chandelier for home design, and its presence will astonish everyone.