Are Concealed Lights Chandeliers customizable?

Finding the ideal light fixture can take a long time. You may need to take matters into your own hands and create a custom chandelier appropriate for your home. Jaguar makes your search more accessible by providing everything you need to select the proper fixture, as well as virtually limitless color combinations and configurations. You can get customized chandelier lights as per your requirements.

What are the types of concealed chandeliers available?

  • SiriusIn this stunning Chandelier, a spectacular path of dazzling crystals adorns an inverted lotus. The glitzy route resembles an otherworldly waterfall glistening like a thousand jewels.
  • Lancia- Lancia is made of brass and resembles an antique warrior’s uncompromising shield. This flawless creation is made up of a conspicuous crystal in the center and rings of smaller stones surrounding it.
  • Nobel- Nobella achieves the extraordinary accomplishment of projecting a modest design at heart, despite being adorned with the rich Asfour gems from head to toe. 
  • Grapevine- The Grapevine Chandelier lights the interiors with the brilliance of stars, just as the sun shines a thousand stars in a growing grapevine. This Chandelier makes a bold statement with its modest style and overwhelming grandeur.
  • Honeycomb- As the name implies, the Honeycomb-inspired structure of this Chandelier is an innovative design that not only conceals the light source but also creates a fascinating reflection pattern that transforms each crystal into a brilliant source of light!
  • Digest- This exquisite masterpiece is lovely and incredibly modern, with gorgeous waves of glittering gems weaved together. Digest radiates perfection from every page, holding your attention and being amazed by its otherworldly beauty.

What are Concealed Lights Chandeliers Used for?

Concealed light chandeliers are not only a beautiful chandelier for home decor, but their ornate design also works well in banquet halls and other public spaces. The light is encased in lovely crystal shapes, which creates a beautiful reflected light. When it comes to chandeliers, concealed light chandeliers are one of the most elegant and attractive options, and they’re perfect for contemporary, modern spaces. They elevate your home decor and brighten the entire room with their attractiveness.