Are LED tube lights flicker-free?

  • When inexpensive LED lamps are connected to old-style dimmer switches, they flicker repeatedly or when the dimmer is adjusted very low, there is always a controversy about poor quality LED lamps and luminaires that create flicker. This is due to the insufficient load being provided to the light caused by inconsistent voltage once again.
  • The dimmer switch was also built for traditional lighting, which has far higher loads than LED. With reputable LED items, switching to an LED-specific dimmer should solve the problem. The fluorescent ballast should be removed before installing LED Tubes; otherwise, incompatibility between the ballast and the LED light may cause a flicker.
  • Flickering lights, which are most usually associated with fluorescent lighting, can also be harmful to one’s health as one of the contributing elements to ‘Sick Building Syndrome.’ Migraine-inducing headaches and clogged or runny noses, dry, itchy skin, eyestrain, rashes, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating are all common symptoms.
  • Staff sickness-related absences or, in the worst-case scenario, long-term work absences result from these symptoms. Individuals with light sensitivity, such as those with autism, lupus, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, and vertigo, may have a hard time with such flicker-inducing illumination. Epileptic seizures have been linked to short-term exposure to frequencies ranging from 3Hz to 70Hz.
  • All Jaquar LED products are dimmable, with commercial and industrial solutions boasting precision-focused DALI drivers and 0-10V dimming for smooth and gentle dimming. These are premium drivers that ensure that the LEDs receive a constant current and allow our luminaires to interact with lighting control systems to improve energy efficiency and eliminate light waste.