Commercial Lighting



Jaquar Lighting’s advanced, elegant and eco-friendly solutions in commercial lighting will light up your workspaces like never before. Ambience and atmosphere matters when it comes to producing quality output wherever you work, be it a corporate office or a study room. Adorned with Jaquar’s commercial LED Lights, your workspace is bound to be transformed into a gracefully illuminated nirvana. A diversity of exquisite products is available to suit each and every type of room, setting and establishment. From massive conference rooms to compact cabins in the woods, the range of commercial lights is wide enough to compliment each and every type of space. The products are energy-efficient, do not strain environmental resources, and hence are eco-friendly. Efficiency is the key to commercial success in every establishment, and only a workspace with efficient lighting can produce desirable results.

An array of Indoor Commercial Series comprising of technologically advanced downlights, COB downlights, LED Panels, LED Batten Tubes and more. And you get higher lumen output at lesser energy bill
Jaquar’s technologically advanced Designer Light Series helps you reduce the number of fixtures required to illuminate your space. Providing glare-free, visually confortable light. Also, adding decorative value to any space.
This series comes with superb heat control that enables better efficiency. Accommodate different areas and applications with accurate light-shape control and uniform light distribution with flexible adjustment for Accent Lighting
All products of the series last much longer than any other in the market. While LED Batten gives continuous light without dark spots, water & dustproof Bulkhead prevents cover yellowing
Jaquar brings unique Roadway Lighting Solutions. All products under the series are weather resistant; provide excellent light effect without dark spaces. Also, save energy upto 60% more than HPS streetlights

Your establishment demands and deserves perfect commercial lighting. It isn’t easy to select the perfect lighting when the range to choose from is limited. This is where Jaquar Lighting delivers. Choose from a diversity of grand and efficient products and add a feather in your workspace’s cap. The blend of aesthetics and efficiency in our products is finer than anything you’ve ever experienced before. For visitors and employees, Jaquar’s commercial LED Lights will make your workspace less ‘work’ and more fun, by taking repelling the darkness and bathing rooms in rejuvenating lighting of whatever style or design you want. Whatever the mood you have visualised for your office, there are a variety of options to materialize your vision of the same.

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