Things To Keep In Mind Before Investing In A Chandelier!

When fantasising about a grand palace with spacious rooms, it's the chandeliers that instantly come to mind and add more elegance to the picture playing in the back of our mind. However, it's not mandatory that you buy a chandelier only if you are an owner of a majestic mansion or a beautiful residence. Instead, it is the perfect choice for any homeowner looking to make a statement and interested in playing around with a different kind of lighting. This home adornment is usually the centrepiece used to illuminate the rooms and grab the entire focus of your visitors.

Having said that, with options in abundance, before you surrender to the stunning beauty of the well-crafted masterpieces and decide on hanging any chandelier you think will compliment your home’s overall design consider these points. We hope these points will be your guiding light and help you buy the best quality product in accordance with your room size.

Correct proportion between Room Size and Chandelier Dimension

To add more charm and grace to your foyer or living room, it’s vital you size up the dimensions of the chandelier. Getting a large chandelier for a smaller room will give it a cluttered look along with harsh, excessive lighting terrible for the eyes. Also, buying a small chandelier for a room of larger size will make it look misplaced giving improper lighting. Add the width and length of the room together and convert it into centimetres, this will provide you with the accurate measurement of the chandelier you should buy.

Inspect the Ceiling Height

Another important feature to look out for is the ceiling height. Before purchasing a chandelier measure the height from the floor to the ceiling and consider the chandelier length. For higher ceilings, it is recommended that the chandelier hangs 7 feet from the floor. To make the maximum impact, it should be attached at a proper height.

Decide on your style

Chandeliers are available in a variety of looks. The material and finish of the chandelier should resemble the design and decor of your room. The crystal and tiered chandeliers are the most common, which you can find made of brass, iron or copper. Some have a rustic design while others are in harmony with the design of the Victorian era. Jaquar Lighting provides a wide range of popular chandelier styles that can give your house different look keeping it classic as well as adding the ultra-modern touch.

Type of Light Bulbs

Be sure about the kinds of bulbs that come along with your chandelier. Choose a chandelier with LED light bulbs as these are the most energy efficient, long-lasting and produces a bright light that is good for your eyes. Evaluate what kind of light will look best for your room, whether you should buy a chandelier with warm white or daylight LED bulbs. The warmth of the light generated from the chandelier will determine the look and feel of your room.

A chandelier can transform any room, add opulence to the spaces and with the soft twinkling glow can make any object, home decor, people present in the room look admirable. Not only you can find chandeliers which glow with an old-world charm fascinating everybody with its vintage aesthetics, but for contemporary homes, these are available in more modern options. By getting the measurement right and understanding the room design and decoration you will be able to buy the perfect chandelier that adds volumes of character and beauty to your holy abode!

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