Lighting is not only an element of design; it has much to do with your mood tone. Imagine walking into a room bathed with warm, cosy lighting? Your mood instantly relaxes. While at the same time, stepping into a room lit with harsh, fluorescent lights will dampen your spirit and make you feel uneasy. The right kind of lighting has multiple benefits, such as it can boost your mood, improve productivity, and enhance the quality of your sleep. It can also transform your home and make your spaces appear clutter-free, warm and inviting. 

Do you know what the best part of the lights is? They hold the power to change the whole infrastructure of your place with minimal changes. When our life gets monotonous, we demand a change; the first thought we have is to change the place we live in. By buying Jaquar’s reasonable and decorative light, you can easily modify your space. All you've got to do is invest in the right kind of lights. If you want to make your room decorative, you can buy classy fancy lamps; if you're going to add colours, you can purchase lights in different colours. You don't always have to spend heavily to redecorate your room. Be wise and search your type of lighting at Jaquar’s diverse collections.

Here are some tips to make your home illuminated:


Suppose you're somebody who is planning to design their home for the first time or is merely redecorating a room, identify what all tasks you would be performing in which sections of the house will make your job easy. Activities like eating, reading, sleeping; all require a different kind of lighting. It can provide you with a clear outline of what type of lighting fixtures you would need and help you plan your budget accordingly.



When styling your home, the lighting structure is the key to a well-lit home, with the right mix of lights and shadows. Layering the lighting adequately can completely transform your bedroom, and at the same time, it can make the room appear larger than it is. Have a mix and match of lighting fixtures in your room to avoid monotony and light up the dark corners as well. For the unaware, there are three layers of lighting; ambient, accent and task lighting.


   Ambient Lighting: Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting provides uniformity to spaces. It's usually reserved for more significant areas; the living room where you're watching movies or studying from where you're conducting meetings.

   Accent Lighting: Accent Lighting is used to highlight the high points of a space where ambient lighting cannot reach, such as a bookshelf, pictures and artefacts. It is commonly known as decorative lighting.

   Task Lighting: Task Lighting is used in spaces where high illumination is required, like the kitchen island, the reading room, because the tasks performed require utmost clarity.



Prioritise energy efficiency, functionality and aesthetics while choosing your bulbs. The scale and shape of the bulbs should be in rhythm with your interiors. LED bulbs are the future. Free from toxins, their ecological imprint is way lesser than the traditional incandescent bulbs. They also last 25 times longer and convert 95% of their energy into light, and only 5% is emitted as heat. Jaquar has a bunch of LED lighting options which are designed in such a way that it beautifies the home decor.

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You feel that when you are all alone and feel like having a party or want to transcend anywhere, then LED strips are meant for you. They are the perfect combination of convenience and affordability. You can easily stick it up anywhere. Jaquar provides a diverse range of colours that suits your festive mood.


It can be not very pleasant to get up to turn off the lights when you're watching a movie or when you've comfortably settled on to the couch. It's best to opt for smart lights as these can sense your movements and switch off with the help of automated control. The intelligent lights at Jaquar are designed keeping the latest technological innovations in mind for modern living.

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What is the first thing anybody walking into your house notices? It is the entrance to your home. Entry to your house is often ignored as we are more invested in making the indoor beautiful by adding the right outdoor lights and creating a unique statement. Jaquar lighting provides a plethora of outdoor lights. They have projector lights, wall section lights, and landscaping lights.


Jaquar lighting company understands the need for safety in the neighbour hood provides special modern lighting as well. Their collection of auto sensor lights, wood finish outdoor lights and bollard finish outdoor lights assure safety in your community.


Nowadays who doesn't love clicking pictures and posting them on social media. We want to click images, make tik-toks and reels, which requires the perfect lighting. It is practically impossible to go out every day and get ourselves clicked in perfect lighting of the sun. In such a situation, Jaquar's elegant and modern lights come to our rescue. Choose the light that brings the spotlight on your face. You can buy a tripod light lamp or use ceiling lighting, which broadens the light in your room. If you want to show off your art collection, use spotlights that draw attention to your artefacts or vintage equipment.

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Are you tired of those areas at your place that appear dark and gloomy? You can use a small table lamp or a floor lamp or a wall light in a corner to illuminate the entire room. Jaquar has numerous options that you can explore.

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While it's fun to experiment, it's also important to remember that less is more. Too many lights can make a space appear cluttered and can be harsh on the eyes. Please keep it simple and minimal.