There is no denying that lying down on our beds and staring at the ceiling for hours is a daily routine. After a long day, we look above and talk to ourselves and remember our days' events. Modern-day interior designers have researched the need to beautify the ceiling. They explain how looking at a gloomy and cluttered top will move our energy to negativity while a clean and bright roof attracts positivity as we move towards the latest technologies. We find modern designs at Jaquar that glorifies the outlook of our rooms just by being creative with the way we place the lights.

While choosing lighting options, most of us struggle between recessed lights and ceiling lights. It is often easy to choose one over another because of getting lost in the idea of 'how good it will look' over 'how it will work'. When doing up space, be it commercial or domestic, it is essential to choose a lighting option that serves the purpose of functionality and aestheticism at the same time. Here are the differences between recessed lighting and ceiling lighting, which will help you to find out which one will work best for you:

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting has a lot to do with the design and architecture of your interior. It polishes your ceiling while adding a decorative look. It is generally installed into the ceiling's opening, where it doesn't stand out and merges with the roof. It is regarded as the minimalistic approach to lighting as it hardly takes up any space due to its sleek and invisible properties and can have your room looking clutter-free.

When and Where Can You Use Recessed Lighting?

Are you also fighting with your siblings as they got a bigger room than you? Then no need to worry as you can smartly use recessed lighting to make your room look bigger and spacious. Recessed lighting is also perfect for rooms with low ceilings, where hanging lights can make the room appear even smaller. Recessed lighting is ideal to light up kitchens, showers, basements and hallways and hardly requires any maintenance.

Since it directly shines from the ceiling's opening, it is brighter than your traditional light. If you have a piece of art or any painting that you want to put into the spotlight, this is the best available option. Generally, in malls and big showrooms, recessed lighting is used to highlight their wide range of collections as one can view the tiniest details of the product. It is also used to grab viewers' attention as the brighter the room more the people will be attracted.

Recessed lights are the only light fixtures installed in water-intensive environments, such as shower stalls. It is safe to use these lights under the swimming pool. They are used for swimming pools to look bigger and suitable to swim at night.

The downside of recessed lighting is that it doesn't suit well in large rooms like the living area and dining halls. They cannot illuminate the whole space as the light beams on a particular section of the room. If you want to use them, you would require multiple of them to brighten up your large rooms. 

One must remember that recessed lighting is not necessarily very energy efficient as it needs large openings in the ceiling to be mounted upon. These openings can lead to heat escaping upward and can make rooms chillier than they are. Since so many of them need to be installed in a room, recessed lighting that features traditional incandescent bulbs can lead to added up cooling costs in the summer as they'll produce a lot of heat.

Jaquar offers recessed lighting options with LED bulbs, which last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and are environmentally friendly as they're free from toxic substances.

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What Is Ceiling Lighting?

The lights directly set up on the ceiling for the radiance of the room or a specific area of it are called ceiling lights. They generally stand out from the space from which it is mounted upon by several inches or feet.

When And Where Can You Use Ceiling Lighting?

People who have a refined taste for art and minimalism should opt for these classy ceiling lights. Ceiling Lighting is an ideal option when you're trying to enhance your room's beauty while also serving the purpose of illumination. They add character to a room and allow the owner to make a statement.

The ceiling light collection can be categorised under the statement that old is gold. It includes chandeliers, pendant lighting, track lighting, ceiling fans with a light fixture, semi-flush mounts.

They are easy to install as you have to drill only one hole on the ceiling. They hardly require more than two fixtures and are suitable for larger rooms. It leads to lesser openings in the shelters. You can your taste, your personality to it by picking up the lampshade. You can even make your lampshade at your home.

 Ceiling lights tend to become the focal points in a room and often take away from other room elements. They are complete attention seekers. It is advised to use only one ceiling light in the room to make the room look smaller.

Since the lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling, it can become a problem with tall guests as they might bang their heads against one. As they hang out, you need to make sure they are fixed tightly, and nobody plays cricket inside the room. So handle with care and be careful.

Rooms that have low ceilings shouldn't opt for ceiling lights. They are not suitable for basements as they can't spread light over huge areas, for areas that require concentrated lights like dining rooms, over kitchen islands, bedrooms, foyers, and patios.

Jaquar offers a wide range of ceiling lighting options, which are the right mix of contemporary and conventional and deliver significant functionality and beauty.

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