Your living room has hosted some of your most memorable moments to the most ordinary ones. It's the place where you've hosted too many kids' birthday parties, had anniversary dinners, chilled with friends and watched your favourite TV shows. It's the space where you quietly sip your morning coffee and enjoy the bliss of solitude. When you come back tired from work, there's no greater temptation than just kicking off your shoes and sinking into the comforts of your living room couch.

Often a lot of detail is put into designing spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms dedicated to performing specific tasks. But we've got to admit to ourselves; the living room is the real hero of the house. It's multi-purpose and will be utilised for a variety of activities.  

Thus, designing a living room is just as crucial as any other room of the house. Since we are not professional interior designers, we often mix and match the colours. Our sofas are brown, and our walls are painted yellow, which makes the room reflect darker. While not making any drastic changes, you can play with lights in your living room to fix this issue. It has been established for a long time that lighting is one of the most vital components of designing a room as it can directly impact your emotions. Undoubtedly, the room where you perform a multitude of tasks needs to have lighting to brighten up your aura, enhance productivity and make you feel calm.

Here Are Some Of The Suggestions Which You Should Consider While Designing Your Living Room


The basic rule while lighting up a living room should be to use various kinds of lights in order to make it suitable for each task performed there. While there should be plenty of ambient lighting to increase the room's overall illumination, there should also be task lighting to ease up your reading or for the kids doing their homework.

Accent lighting should be there to add drama and interest to your most favourite showpieces and pictures or even your bookshelf. Lighting works best in layers as it prevents the living room from looking monotonous. Have a mix and match of fixtures to experiment with different lights and shadows.

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Are you tech-savvy and want to light up your house with a range of products that are engineered to adapt to technological innovations while keeping the modern look in mind? If yes, then we have a suggestion for you! Smart lighting is not just energy-efficient, but it is cost-effective as well. It has a tendency to sense the human movement and adjust the lights around you accordingly.

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If you are looking for a long-lasting and cost-effective lighting solution, then stylish LED Bulbs are the perfect solution for it. LED Bulbs not just light up the small area but can also illuminate the entire room. At Jaquar, we are committed to delivering the best quality at the best price.

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Your living room should make a statement while providing you with adequate comfort. Please do not shy away from the idea of adding a chandelier to your living room, as it will give it a classy look. The chandeliers at Jaquar are a mix of contemporary and conventional and just the right fit for your living room.

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The living room is one of the largest chambers of your house. It has a lot of space for it. The corners and sitting areas appear empty and darker than the rest. To fix that darkness you could buy the new floor lamps. Floor lamps are not just decorative ornaments; they are pieces of contemporary art. Add a small table lamp or a floor lamp in a corner to illuminate the entire room. Make a little reading area by adding a lamp. You can buy arc floor lamps, fancy floor lamps, tripod floor lamps according to your needs. Jaquar has varied options to choose from. 

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How to make a room with little natural light look bright? 

Do you own a place that has little sunlight? Are you looking for a magic wand that lights up your area? Don't worry, as Jaquar's indoor commercial light has got your back. We often buy lights thinking that they will glow up our room. However, things take a turn when they appear too gaudy and flashy for eyes. It looks good temporarily, but soon it becomes too heavy for your eyes and starts giving you a headache. In such a situation, we demand something natural and adjust to our comfort. Jaquar studies modern-day problems and finds a solution to them. For quality indoor lights, a tour of Jaquar stores is a must to explore its innumerable collection.


If you want the best of both worlds, this is your saviour. These cost-effective lights can be attached to your ceilings as they fulfil the natural light purpose. At Jaquar, you get adequate lighting and features that dim the lights and brighten the light according to your atmosphere.

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A proper combination of modernism and minimalism, they are the perfect fit for homes that lack a touch of sunshine. At Jaquar, you will find the unique Lumax square panels. It is cut in a stylish manner that compliments your contemporary ceilings. Jaquar leads in providing the best quality LED panel lights. We can assure you that having them will work like magic if you are away from natural sun rays.

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They are known as chip on board lights. As the name suggests, the LED lights used are attached to the chip. COB is long-lasting and can come in various designs and shapes. People who care for the environment should opt for this to reduce the LED array's footprint and energy consumption while keeping light output constant.

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