Would you like to save money and improve the environment at the same time? Then choosing LED is a simple choice to make. Light-Emitting Diode, popularly known as LEDs, have taken the world by storm for its remarkable advantages as a lighting option. LEDs have unsurpassed longevity - a LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours. It is 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs, 20-25 times longer than halogen bulbs and up to 3 times longer than CFLs. LED lights are at least 80% more efficient than conventional lighting forms. It means that approximately 80% of the electrical energy generated by an LED will be converted to light, and only 20% of the power generated is lost as heat energy.

LEDs require very little maintenance; the too long lifespan means they need to be replaced less frequently. This, in turn, reduces the expenditure of purchasing and installing lights. The LEDs are designed to withstand a wide range of outdoor environments; they are compatible with cold, hot and humid environments and can be used in temperatures up to +100°C.

LEDs do not contain highly toxic mercury and are made from non-toxic and recyclable materials, and this reduces poisonous waste when the LED bulbs are disposed of, and subsequently, their environmental impact is reduced as well. LED lights require lesser fixtures than traditional fixtures as they can distribute their lights in several beams and angles for different applications. LED fixtures come in different shapes, sizes, wattages, and uses, giving you multiple lighting options for your home.

LED strips are smaller in size; hence they take up less space. They can be best used in areas that are often neglected to add interest to them. Stairs, mirrors, bookshelves, cabinets and pictures can be enhanced with the help of LED strips. They can also be used for the specialised needs of the retail industry. Jaquar Lighting products are exceptionally budget-friendly for the advantages they provide. 

Here’s how you can fix LED lights around your ceiling-

  1. It is suitable to install LEDs at a spot where their LED individual diodes are hidden and not visible while preventing the harsh glare from damaging your eyes.

  2. The first step for installing LED strip lights around your ceiling is to measure the ceiling’s perimeter length and fix the LED strip behind an opening to create a clutter-free and pleasing lighting effect.

  3. Since LED strip lights are small, if you want more illumination, you can install 3-4 of them on your ceiling.

  4. For optimal usage and minimum wastage of extra wiring, the power outlet should be as close as possible to the source supply that comes with a LED strip reel.

  5. To ensure that LED strips last long, the power setup should be well-ventilated with airflow in the room and not stuffed behind bulky furniture or thick curtains. The ceiling opening should allow heat to escape.

Why chose Jaquar’s LED STRIPS?

  1. Jaquar’s LED lights come in with built-in tape to carry away excess heat. This allows one to use them all night without worrying about overheating.

  2. Jaquar continually stresses the importance of cost-effective lighting. Usage of these strips instead of incandescent lighting saves more energy and reduces your electricity bill!

  3. Jaquar offers a wide range of products available at different price points to suit the customer’s needs. They also provide a varied range of colours in LED strips, from blue LED strip lights to White LED strip lights.

  4.  They’re also available in the range of Smart Lighting to ensure that the lights switch off with the help of automated controls.

  5. Jaquar procures the most sufficient material to create your lighting using innovative technology and high drivers, which are designed to sustain at worst conditions of High/Low Voltage and High/Low Temperature.

  6. The products are thoroughly researched, tried and tested as per international standards

How do we choose LED strips for home decoration?

Nowadays, everything is compact; one of the aspects of modernisation is minimalism. Rather than going super extra and flashy, our generation prefers something classy yet decorative. LED strips provide the best of both worlds. It is convenient to use while it adds a modern decorative ambience to the household. They can be used in any part of your house. Now that we don’t go out as often, we are in the process of discovering other sides to our homes, and decorative lights happen to be our savior.

Our backyards and gardens have become new party pads. With the help of LED strips light, you can set the whole vibe of the party. Some fairy lights hanging around your tree and some chill music can make your party radiant.


Are you one of those people who spend a lot of time in front of a mirror talking to yourself, doing your makeup and boosting your confidence? Then LED strip lights are made for you. You can attach them behind your mirror surface and feel all the glam and glamour like any actress.


When you get bored seeing the same room again and again, then you can use LED strips to make your space vibrant. By adding LED strips behind your bed headboard, you can set a vibe for your room. Switch on those blue lights, get some drinks, play some Prateek Kuhad music and fall in love with your space.


Every household has a china cabinet that is filled with old fashioned crockery. The crockery your mothers have been so dearly holding on to. From china dish to European crockery, you have it all. If you have any dinner at your place, you can flex those collections by using LED strips as decorative light. It will not only brighten up your space but can be a way to showcase your vibrant vintage collections.


We all want to keep our book collection in an aesthetic manner. To own a fairy light bookshelf is every book lover’s dream. Don’t worry, Jaquar’s pocket friendly LED strip lights got it covered for you. The strips are so efficient that you can hang them around your shelf and your job is done. You can then click fancy and dreamy pictures and upload them on your gram!