When was the last time you left a restaurant feeling warm and complacent inside? Was it just the excellent food, the impeccable service or some other factors played the role?

For a restaurant, two factors ‘Good Food’ and ‘Pleasing Ambience’ hold equal importance to cater a good experience to their customers and entice them to revisit. Mellow music and appropriate lighting can aid people to resonate with the environment along with the food. Your guests are constantly blogging about your food, the atmosphere, posting pictures on every social media body sufficient to make or break your restaurant’s reputation.

Considering your customer’s lighting needs along with the premises requirements while keeping in mind the recent trends in interior decoration can help you become more noticeable and stand apart from the league. The question is how do you achieve that perfection? Which lights should you pick to add to your customer’s dining experience while doing justice to your unique concept? Read below for our suggestions:

  • For a jazz-themed restaurant or a place playing with the 1900’s concept, these wall lights from our decorative collection are all about adding perfect illumination coordinated with the idea. The right dimness would create a pleasant atmosphere and enable the customers to appreciate the beauty all around.
  • The pendant lights when hanged from the ceilings can make your venue the place to be! These can be positioned over the bar-counter, tables, host areas which can impressively assist your guests to read out the menus clearly without causing strain to the eyes. These lights from our latest collection can introduce the dramatic accent to the areas you want to highlight and immediately make your place Instagram friendly.
  • Your customer walks through the door the level of lighting lets them decide if the place is for them! The food industry works in accordance with fashion and design innovation. With the menu, the design and lighting of your place should change from time to time. Our advice is you stick to the styles that are timeless, elegant, sophisticated and never go out of fashion, just like this chandelier to make your decor stand out and appeal to people.
  • Just like food, your restaurant needs to be versatile in lighting. By choosing LEDs, you can assure yourself to achieve the best lighting conditions with their utility. Our LED panels are the ideal choice for hospitality industries indoor commercial needs. With our solution your utility spaces like the restaurant kitchen and the storage area can be brightly illuminated using a few fixtures. You save upto 50% energy meaning reduction in cost thus creating a win-win situation.
  • To set the right outdoor environment in case of a poolside restaurant or garden restaurant, the Ground Burial Lights from Jaquar adds that creative mark with minimal input. It brightens up the eating space when there is limited natural light. Perfectly adjusted and planned lighting designs will make your customer spend more time at your place and appreciate the efforts you put behind.
  • Exterior lighting is as important as making the interiors look good with excellent lighting ideas. Well-lit exteriors make your customers feel welcomed while instilling a sense of security and safety. These lights from Jaquar’s outdoor collection can accentuate and illuminate the exterior of your restaurant. Its modern design shifts all the good focus on your place and is capable of attracting customers who like visiting chic cafes and eateries.

Being in the hospitality business, it is a crucial responsibility to ensure that every nook and corner of the eatery exudes the intended vibe and makes one feel instantly at ease, which can be achieved with clever use of lighting and decor. When all these areas are adequately taken care of, it is guaranteed that the customer will leave the restaurant happy and satiated, the tell-tale signs of time well-spent. These tiny additions might be all that is required to set the perfect mood to make any gathering a celebratory affair!