The office space lighting is often an overlooked element but critical enough in affecting employee productivity. Lighting- good or bad, plays a significant role in impacting concentration, energy level and the mood of the employees. Good lighting not only substantially influence the well-being of the staff, infuse appropriate reasoning, helps to keep stress at bay, but, picking proper lighting such as environment-friendly LEDs can promote effectual energy savings.

People who often complain of a headache, sleepiness and fatigue after a day’s of work might fail to understand that it usually is a result of ineffective lighting which is not in moderation. The fundamentals of office lighting are it should neither be too bright and nor too dim.

Demerits of poorly lit office

The tie between creativity, productivity, depression, and lighting is tight-knit and consequential which impacts the thinking, mood, alertness and the ability to create and collaborate amongst the employees. When the office space lacks the perfect light blend, the employees have to encounter and tolerate the following inconveniences:

  • Lack of Focus: Inadequate and improper lighting can lead the employees to work in a dull environment and give rise to boredom. This is a major reason which depreciates the focus and concentration of an individual and ultimately impacts the performance of the staff. Boredom and drowsiness can also have adverse effects on employee motivation and morale. 

  • Harmful for Eyes: The workers working in grimly lit offices often face eye-strain which is usually painful and can make an individual uncomfortable for the entire duration of work. The harsh lighting of fluorescent and incandescent lights is observed to act as a trigger and have bad consequences on a person’s concentration levels making them unable to accomplish the everyday goals and deadlines.

  • Disturbing Headaches: Headaches and badly lit spaces have an old history. The overall work efficiency of an employee can slide to the bottom from the top because of the discomfort caused by headaches. The throbbing pain can make a person numb and leave them unable to react to the surrounding. It can give rise to irritability and cause the employees to take leave unnecessarily, thus, lowering the work productivity.

How performance enhances with Quality Lighting?

  • Trigger uplifting emotions: Myriads of human emotions and mood is enhanced by a well-illuminated environment. Comforting and soft lighting from the LED lamps and bulbs amplifies concentration, satisfaction, relaxation and reasoning abilities of an individual, thereby positively influencing the task performance.

  • Promote comfort: The employees feel comfortable, safe and find it easier to work in properly lit office spaces. Comfort plays a significant role in AMPLIFYING THE PRODUCTIVITY OF EMPLOYEES. They appear to be full of energy, motivation delivering high-end performance every time.

  • Reduce visual stress: A finely illuminated workspace creates an ideal work environment causing less strain on the eyes and easing the drowsiness. The employees can perform their tasks with excellence without surrendering to the stress from the glare of the fluorescent lights. The mental health, mood and ambience of the employees are also improved as a result.

  • Strengthen Alertness: Better lighting gives opportunities to the employees to be more alert and creative. When the team is alert, they are prone to make fewer mistakes and save a lot of time. It facilitates less anxiety and emphasizes on proficiency in work.

For the organizations to make impressive progress and zealously innovate it is essential they implement better lighting solution. The LED lights stunningly blend with the office spaces and offer a uniform light output which ensures the workstations are efficiently lit. This allows the employees to feel relaxed and brainstorm to come up with revolutionary ideas every time. 

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