We can officially declare this age as the age of the LEDs, and if your house still relies on the outworn incandescent bulbs, it is now that you should consider replacing them with the high tech LED bulbs. But, before you hit the shops and buy any LED light bulb, read this article so that you are equipped with the right information. This guide will help you pick the right light and avoid making any mistake as chances are you might get overwhelmed due to the wide variety of LED lights available in the market. We are here to assist you in picking the right product for your lighting needs.

Get the Fitting Right
This is the first and most important factor to consider; if you don’t get the fitting right, the bulb might lie around with no use and purpose. The LED lightbulbs are convenient when we talk about fitting. These are designed and manufactured to adjust to the existing lighting fixtures. If your incandescent bulbs have worn out and you want to upgrade with LED, get the correct cap type. To accommodate the new bulbs you don’t need to replace the light fitting entirely.

Check the Colour Temperature
The colour temperature of the LED bulbs suggests what kind of white light it emits. If you are looking to buy a bulb to illuminate your living rooms or bedrooms with a softer and yellower glow, we recommend you choose the warm white bulbs. Besides, if you are focusing on task lighting to get for your workspace or kitchen or storage area which is furthermore intense, our suggestion is you go for a cool light bulb.

Focus on Lumen Efficiency
After you are done asking about the reliable brands and their quality products, it’s time you find the lumen efficiency of those products. Lumen is defined as the measure of the total visible light given off by any light source. In short, the lumen efficiency or lumen output of a bulb tells us about the brightness. Earlier when people bought incandescent bulbs, they would consider Watts as a measure of brightness, which was instead a measure of power consumed. But with LEDs, if you want a bulb with greater brightness pick one with a higher lumen and lower Wattage.

Search for the Best Shape
Once the fitting, colour and brightness have been decided, figure out the shape you want. The bulbs from different brands come in different shapes and can have varying characteristics. From the angle of the light to the spread of the light all depends on the bulb shape. Choose a shape that sensibly fits the fitting cap or holders.

Look at the Estimated Life
LEDs are favoured because of the longer lifespan which is counted as its leading advantage over other lights and bulbs. The average life of these bulbs can vary from 15,000-30,000 hours. The bulbs from the house of Jaquar Lighting have a much longer lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. Focus on buying a durable light so that the torment of changing and maintaining them for a long time can be avoided.