In the present-day LED lighting is synonymous with energy-efficient lighting. Every lighting expert and manufacturer along with everyone on the internet can be seen talking about this green lighting revolution and one might come across a lot of incomplete knowledge this way. Some of the information shared amongst the public is unfavourable to the LED lighting industry and generates suspicion amongst the masses. The question arises how credible this information is that is circulating in the open, and how a few fragmented stories often pilot the consumers towards misunderstanding LEDs and its benefits.

Our motive is to uncloak the numerous myths and stories about LED lights passed around every day and assist you in developing a clearer judgement by eliminating few of the rumours.


LED lights lack brightness!

Not true. The only reason this myth stayed is that the incandescent light bulbs were bought after seeing the Wattage which was thought to be a parameter to determine brightness when in reality it is the Lumens that should be considered. The LED light bulbs use limited energy but emit light similar in brightness to the traditional lights as it is available in lower wattage which radiates light of equal lumens.


LED lights are overpriced!

These lights when initially bought are unquestionably expensive than the conventional light sources but disputably future-oriented. You can save money and energy over time. The LED bulbs from Jaquar Lighting are known to last for more than 50,000 hours meaning one need not worry about replacing them for a longer time duration and enjoy the payback within a few years. Also, the cost of LED lighting has lowered now as compared to a few years ago.


LEDs embody hazardous substances!

This is a false statement. LED lights offer eco-friendly illumination as it does not contain mercury, lead or other poisonous materials which are present in CFL’s or fluorescent lights. When the glass tube of the CFL’s break the toxic substance leaks all over unlike LED’s. Besides, these can be recycled over time.


LEDs are for forever!

You surely would hope for that to happen, but just like all sources of light, even the LED lights fade with time. These can light up your houses for a longer period unlike the standard light bulbs but unfortunately, can’t last forever.


LEDs are an inefficient lighting solution!

Again something that’s incorrect. An incandescent light bulb of 100 Watts and a fluorescent bulb of 15 Watts have been studied to deliver the same amount of light as a LED bulb of 8 Watts. This concludes that LED bulbs are 12% more energy efficient than an incandescent bulb and twice more efficient than a fluorescent bulb.

A consumer often gets perplexed after coming across these deeply-rooted myths, which circulate about these lights, as they can still be considered as something new, not everybody has enough knowledge about. Instead of placing your belief in the false rumours, try these lights and switch to a greener technology, which comes with a lot of perks over the future and contribute towards creating a sustainable world.