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Now make fancy every space of your home and office. Say bye-bye to simplicity and explore the joy of decor and lighting creativity. Peep into Jaquar’s Decorative Lighting to change all concepts of furnishing your indoor or outdoor spaces. From sophisticated to extremely intricate designs, we have a jaw dropping series of lighting options which can enhance your spaces and leave an everlasting impact.


With an aim to provide high performance lighting, Jaquar commercial lightings serve all project demands and requirements, applicable in offices, trade centres, schools, retail and other industries. With superior quality products, we offer affordable lightings which come with an ease of maintenance and installation. Enabling you to have a swift lighting experience in whichever quantity, Jaquar is here to provide its solutions at prices best suited for you.


The first impression of any set up comes from the outdoor atmosphere. Now illuminating your outdoors is just a simple step away. Come to Jaquar lightings and get ultimate outdoor lighting solutions to add the perfect match to your exteriors in order to create an inviting ambience. In our product range we include differentiated designs to match the need of adding fun, charm and a perfect welcome to your doorways.


Rediscover the magic of lighting and decorating your spaces with our range of beautiful chandeliers. We offer pieces with unique designs that will help enhance interiors, adding perfect warmth to your environments. Our services include customization, lighting consultancies on light placing and planning, all at costs that suit your needs and desires.


A perfectly lighted home is symbolic of a happy family, a prosperous environment and a bright future. Add light to every nook and corner of your home with our Home Lighting series and let your home be an abode of warmth and aesthetics.

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Orientation Centres

Experience Jaquar Lighting

Jaquar’s exclusive Orientation Centres let you feel the magic of Jaquar Lighting. From Home Lights to Commercial to Outdoor to Decorative, from Chandeliers to Pendants to Wall Brackets to LED Bulbs & Batons, you get to experience the whole gamut of Jaquar Lighting. And as there are options galore, there would be the team of experts with immense patience and qualification to help you find the perfect match for your dreams and desires.

So drop in at Jaquar Orientaion Centre today. And bring home the sparkle of happiness along with Jaquar Lighting.