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Jaquar Lighting’s decorative lighting collection combines the very best of global design and craftsmanship in an impressively large range of designs and shapes. Jaquar Lighting’s range of products in the Decorative category includes Chandeliers, Pendant lights, Wall and Ceiling mounted lights, Table lamps and Floor lamps, and even Aqua lights for use in bathrooms.


Jaquar Lighting pushes the boundaries of commercial lighting to provide you with some of the most advanced, high performance, energy-saving LED lighting systems for the workplace. There is a wide variety of products to suit every application and light every area of any kind of commercial establishment, from workstations to conference rooms, reception areas to cabins, and small and large showrooms.


Jaquar Lighting, an amalgamation of the most admired and desired lighting products, presents the most comprehensive range of high quality outdoor lighting products. Unparalleled and beyond compare, Jaquar’s lighting products are carefully monitored at each and every step, right from the manufacturing process to the final delivery of the products. That is because Jaquar seeks to fulfill customer needs as well as anticipate future market needs and trends, an effort, which has enabled us to achieve constant growth in an increasingly competitive market.


Jaquar Chandeliers, a fusion of class and quality, are made with lead-free Spectra and Strass Crystals of high-precision cut, clarity, colour, and shape, from the world’s best crystal manufacturer, Swarovski. We use only brass in the frame of our chandeliers, which come with a 7-year warranty on the plating – ranging from 24K Gold and Rose Gold to Chrome, Antique Brass and Copper.  With the fabrication and plating of chandeliers being done in-house, Jaquar is the only brand in India, which has its own production facility for crystal chandeliers.


Your home reflects your ambitions and aspirations. Let there be the right manifestation with right choice of lights. Jaquar takes utmost care in ensuring all its products conform to the highest international standards. Jaquar Lighting brings an array of options in varied sizes and shapes, fitting different budgets and pockets as well as aspirations.

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Orientation Centres

Experience Jaquar Lighting

Jaquar’s exclusive Orientation Centres let you feel the magic of Jaquar Lighting. From Home Lights to Commercial to Outdoor to Decorative, from Chandeliers to Pendants to Wall Brackets to LED Bulbs & Batons, you get to experience the whole gamut of Jaquar Lighting. And as there are options galore, there would be the team of experts with immense patience and qualification to help you find the perfect match for your dreams and desires.

So drop in at Jaquar Orientaion Centre today. And bring home the sparkle of happiness along with Jaquar Lighting.